Hp Pavilion Dv7 Dv7t Dv8 Dv8t Extended Run Battery 14 Volts 12 Cells

Hp Pavilion Dv7 Dv7t Dv8 Dv8t Extended Run Battery 14 Volts 12 Cells
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Extended Run HP Battery for Pavilion dv7-1000 dv7t-1000 Series dv7-2000 dv7t-2000 Series dv7-3000 dv7t-3000 This is a brand new Extended Run HP replacement battery. This long run battery will run at least 50% longer than the 8 cell battery that ships standard with your laptop. This battery has the maximum power capacity that is allowed on the new airline regulations that limit a computer battery to 100 Whr capacity. Whr (Watt Hour) is calculated by multiplying the volts x the mAh (mili amp hour) capacity. This battery has 6600 mAh x 14.8 volts = 98 Whr. Previously we we offering a 7800 mAh battery which produced a 115 Whr capacity, but these are not allowed on commercial airlines worldwide now This battery is going to be physically larger than the original and will cause the back of the laptop to tilt up slightly allowing for more air to flow underneath the computer keeping it cooler. The added run time is achieved with an additional 4 cells inside the cartridge. Users of this battery pack experience an additional 1 - 2 hours of run time over the standard battery. Estimated run time with this battery is 3-5 hours. Longer run times can be achieved by minimizing the power use, especially the screen brightness. This battery is compatible with dv7, dv7t, dv7z and dv8 hp laptops that fall within the range of model numbers listed below: dv7-1000 series (1000-1999) dv7t-1000 series (1000-1999) dv7-2000 series (2000-2999) dv7-3000 series (3000-3999) dv8-1000 series (all models) This battery is not compatible with these dv7 models: dv7-4000 (4000-4999) dv7-5000 (5000-5999) dv7-7000 (7000-7999) Brand: Voltage: Battery Capacity: Battery Type: Cell Origin: Color: Warranty: Guarantee: Useful Life: XTend computer battery 14.8 Volts 6600 mAh or 98 Whr 12 Cell Li-ion (8 Cell Click Here) Samsung (South Korea) Black 2 Year Warranty 30 day full satisfaction guarantee 300-500 recharge cycles The additional cells contained in this battery will protrude to the bottom of your laptop about 1 inch and add about 5 ounces of additional weight. The added height will also provide more space for air circulation and cooling underneath your laptop. The battery is designed to fit perfectly into your laptop and includes rubber feet which will rest on your table surface. Not all computer batteries have the same capacity and run times. The higher capacity battery cells inside this cartridge have an energy capacity of 7800 mAh. These are the highest capacity Li-ion batteries on the market today and superior to batteries rated at 6600 & 7200 mAh. This battery will deliver 20% more run time than cheaper 12 cell versions and 77% more run time than cheaper 8 cell versions of this battery. If you prefer the 8 cell battery, click here for the standard 8 cell battery HP laptop. This battery replaces the HP Pavilion dv7t-1000 dv7t-1100 CTO dv7t-1200 dv7t-2000 dv7t-2200 dv7t-3000 dv7t-3100 dv7t-3300 dv8 series laptop batteries and additional machines which are listed at the extreme bottom of this web page. Replaces these many HP laptop battery part numbers: (GA04) (GA06) (GA08) 464058-121 464058-141 464058-161 464058-361 464058-362 464059-121 464059-122 464059-141 464059-142 464059-161 464059-221 464059-252 464059-361 464059-362 480385-001 497705-001 509422-001 516354-001 516355-001534116-291DYNA-CHA-LOC GA06047 GA08073 HSTNN-C50C HSTNN-DB74 HSTNN-DB75 HSTNN-IB74 HSTNN-IB75 HSTNN-OB74 HSTNN-OB75 HSTNN-Q34C HSTNN-Q35C HSTNN-W50C KS525AA KS525AA#ABA NBP6A95 NH494AA NH494AA#ABA STL-CHA-SON sps-480385-001 dv7-3065dx 464059-251 sps-534116-291 Laptop Battery Express only deals with brand new premium computer batteries. We never carry recycled or used batteries. We only use the highest quality cells inside the battery pack so you will have a long service life (300-500 recharge cycles) . We do not use cheaper battery cells which can wear out in a little as 6 months. Our inventory turns rapidly and you will always receive a freshly manufactured battery. How to care for your Pavilion dv7t-1000 dv7t-1100 CTO dv7t-1200 dv7t-2000 dv7t-2200 dv7t-3000 dv7t-3100 dv7t-3300 Series battery. You can extend the life of your laptop battery significantly through the proper care and handling of your battery. Any new laptop battery should first be fully charged by leaving it plugged in overnight. Once a computer battery is fully charged it will no longer accept any more power. It is a common practice to leave laptops plugged in after they have been turned off so that the battery has a full charge the next time you use your laptop. It is probably fully charged within 5 hours. A brand new notebook battery is in a weakened condition since it has not been conditioned yet. Condition and break in your new battery by performing 5 partial discharge and recharge cycles the first week you receive your new battery. Run on battery power without the AC adapter cord at least once a week to keep the battery cells active and at their peak potential. When your laptop is plugged into the power adapter the battery goes to "standby mode" while your laptop runs directly on el

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